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Tips For Finding and Hiring A Babysitter

A babysitter is like gold. Everyone wants one and no one wants to share theirs. Hiring a babysitter when you’ve never had one before can be intimidating.  You don’t want to just hire anyone but you also may not know where to start.

We have a nanny 2 times a week and she is truly amazing.  Crafts, cooking, forts, you name it!  Finding someone you trust can be a process but it is so worth it.

I’m sharing my tips when it comes to hiring a babysitter!

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Hiring a babysitter

Where do you start? You can either turn to social media, an agency or ask friends.  I’ll share more on the first two below.

Turn to Facebook

If you’ve never hired a babysitter knowing where to find one can seem impossible.  I recommend joining a local mom’s Facebook group or local babysitting group that is dedicated to helping families and babysitters connect.

If you’re local to Northern Nevada we host one on our Facebook! Join here!

Hire an Agency

If you are looking for a full-time nanny or live-in nanny an agency may be a good route for you. After college, I was hired as a live-in nanny in NYC through an agency and I had a great experience going this route.

Care.com is always an option as well and is somewhat a happy medium between Facebook and an agency.

Know your needs

craft time with babysitter

Make sure you know what you are looking for.  Do you need a full-time sitter? Date nights? Do you want them to be CPR certified?

To find a babysitter that fits your needs and expectations the more information you can provide upfront the better.

On our nanny/babysitting connection page we ask our posters to include the following:

  • Location (City/Zip)
  • Rate (weekly/hourly or if negotiable)
  • Number of children (ages preferred)
  • service you need
  • days/times needed/available.

Check the list

Once you’ve posted and started receiving inquiring and resumes, go through them and pick out the ones that fit your requirements.

Take a look at applicant’s profiles

Just like with any job applicant, it’s important how they represent themselves on social media.

Phone interview

cooking with babysitter

After you have reviewed the applicant’s resume and profile, I would schedule a 30-minute phone interview.

Over the phone, you can ask them to share more about themselves and explain in more detail their experience with kids.

You can also go into more detail about what you are looking for and expecting from a babysitter.  I am very clear that I expect my babysitter to engage with my kids and not be on phones or just watching cartoons.

Yes, ask for references

I don’t know if this is outdated or not, but I call or email references.  Having someone who can attest to their babysitting experience is helpful.  Hearing someone’s pros and cons can be very informative.

Schedule a meet and greet

It might seem like a lengthy process but a meet and greet is worth it!  I want myself and my kids to meet the person I am considering hiring as a babysitter.

It is usually short and sweet (30 minutes or less).  I offer to pay for their time if necessary.  But having them come over and see how my kids and the babysitter are together can often be telling.

interacting with babysitter

Hire the babysitter

If after all of this, you think the babysitter is a good fit for your family.  Hire her soon after the meet and greet.  Even if it’s just a short 4-hour window.  I like to hire them within a month of the meet and greet!

COVID precautions

Hiring a babysitter is hard then add on hiring one during a pandemic and it may feel impossible.  You can still successfully do it.

Include in your posting your requirements regarding this.  You can absolutely ask what if any precautions they may be taking during this time. You may find someone who is in a similar place you are looking to help a family, but also wanting to make sure both parties are being safe about it!

Ready for date night?

I hope this post has helped you when it comes to hiring a babysitter.  I know 6 years ago, I didn’t know where to start!  My tip is to have a few babysitters you trust so you can have a backup sitter as needed.

I have found some amazing babysitters and some of them are truly like family.  My kids love them and so do we! It is so nice to be able to leave my kids for work or date nights and know that my kids are being cared for!

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