10+ tips for hosting a baby shower

10+ Tips For Hosting a Baby Shower, Decorations, Vendors & More

Welcoming a new addition to the family is a joyous occasion that deserves to be celebrated. One of the most cherished traditions for expectant parents is the baby shower. We are sharing 10+ tips for hosting a baby shower.

If you’re tasked with hosting this special event, you might find yourself overwhelmed with the responsibility of ensuring everything goes smoothly. We are sharing our tips, local vendors we partnered with and more below!

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10+ Tips for Hosting a Baby Shower

Start Early

Begin planning the baby shower well in advance to ensure you have enough time to organize every aspect of the event, from sending out invitations to arranging decorations and activities. Make a checklist to keep track of tasks and deadlines.

Set a Budget

Determine how much you’re willing to spend on the baby shower and allocate funds accordingly. Consider expenses such as venue rental, decorations, food, and games. Sticking to your budget will help prevent overspending and unnecessary stress.

Choose a Theme

Selecting a theme can tie the entire event together and make it more visually appealing. Whether it’s based on the baby’s gender, nursery décor, or a favorite children’s story, a cohesive theme can add charm to the celebration.

Get creative with decorations, invitations, and even food and drinks that match the chosen theme.

flows boutique venue

Find the Perfect Venue | Vendor: Flows Boutique Venue

Consider the number of guests you’ll be hosting and choose a venue that can comfortably accommodate everyone. This could be a backyard, a cozy living room, or a rented event space, depending on your preferences and budget.

We collaborated with Flows Boutique Venue for the baby shower, and it proved to be an exquisite and intimate setting. Nestled in the heart of Reno, Flows Boutique Venue is housed within a charming 1924 Victorian house.

The interior comfortably accommodates up to 20 guests, while the spacious backyard, ideal for warmer months, can easily host up to 50 attendees.

Flows Boutique Venue truly exceeded expectations for the baby shower. Equipped with a fully stocked kitchen, complete with table settings, silverware, cooking supplies, and more, they provided everything necessary for a seamless event.

Their attention to detail meant that I didn’t need to bring anything except food, drinks, and simple decorations; the venue itself was perfect in every aspect.

You can learn more about this local mom owned venue here!


10% off your event if booked by May 31, 2024 with Flows Boutique Venue when you use code NVMOMS. Must be given at time of booking.

Send E-vites

Sending electronic invitations (e-vites) to guests to streamline the RSVP process and save on paper and postage costs. Choose a customizable e-vite design that matches the theme of the baby shower and include all necessary event details, such as date, time, venue (or virtual platform), RSVP deadline, and any special instructions or requests (e.g., bringing a book instead of a card, dietary restrictions).

Send out the e-vites well in advance to give guests plenty of time to RSVP and make any necessary arrangements to attend the baby shower.

Create a Welcoming Atmosphere

Once you’ve chosen a venue, focus on creating a warm and inviting ambiance. Decorate with balloons, flowers like baby’s breath, and table centerpieces to set the mood for the celebration. Consider incorporating the chosen theme into the décor for a cohesive look.

battle born balloon

Choose a Backdrop for Opening Gifts | Vendor: Battle Born Balloons

We partnered with Battle Born Balloons for the backdrop and it came out simply perfect! She matched colors to the color pallet I sent her and sent me examples ahead of time to finalize. She arrived the morning of the shower and set up the balloon arch completely by herself!


10% Off for first time clients with Battle Born Balloons when you use code NVMOMS. Must be given at time of booking.

Plan Entertaining Games

Baby shower games add a delightful touch to the event, ensuring guests remain engaged and entertained throughout. Prior to the shower, have a conversation with the mommy-to-be to see if there are any specific games she would love to include. Select games that are appropriate for the crowd, such as baby bingo, diaper raffles, or a round of baby feud.

When it comes to game materials, Etsy is my preferred destination for baby game printables. With a variety of themes available in every color imaginable, you’re sure to find something that perfectly complements the shower’s theme. Purchase digital downloads and have them printed at your local FedEx for hassle-free preparation.

Prizes and Diaper Raffle

Make sure to purchase some fun and simple prizes not only for the game winners but also for a diaper raffle! I purchased some self care items like lip balms, sheetmasks, or even a cute notebook would be a great addition. If guests are local maybe include a small gift card to a great local coffee shop!

Book instead of Card

Now this has been a popular tradition since I was having babies and rightfully so. Have guests bring a book for babies library instead of a card! Make sure they sign the book too so when mama reads to to her kids she remembers her friends and babyshower!

Keep the Mom-to-Be Comfortable

Remember that the focus of the baby shower is the expectant mother, so prioritize her comfort and well-being throughout the event. Provide seating areas where she can relax and socialize with guests, and ensure she has easy access to food, drinks, and restroom facilities.

Consider organizing a special chair or throne for the mom-to-be to sit in during the gift-opening ceremony, complete with cushions and blankets for added comfort!

Capture Memories

Don’t forget to document the special moments of the baby shower by taking plenty of photos and videos. Consider hiring a photographer or appointing a trusted friend or family member to capture candid shots throughout the day.

Serve Delicious But Simple Food

Having hosted numerous showers and parties myself, I can attest that food is indeed a crucial aspect of any successful event. It’s surprising how guests never seem to eat as much as you anticipate they will. Therefore, I highly recommend planning a diverse spread that includes an assortment of savory snacks, sweet treats, and a selection of beverages to cater to all dietary preferences and restrictions.

For savory options, consider serving finger foods such as mini sandwiches, cheese platters, vegetables with dip, and sliders. These bite-sized delights are not only convenient but also satisfying for guests looking for something savory to munch on.

When it comes to sweet treats, you can’t go wrong with classics like cake, cupcakes, cookies, and cake pops.

As for beverages, provide a variety of options to quench guests’ thirst. Offer a selection of non-alcoholic drinks such as water, sparkling water, or iced tea. For those who prefer something a bit stronger, consider serving a signature mocktail or setting up a DIY mimosa bar with different fruit juices .

Hosting A Baby Shower Full on Memories

Hosting a baby shower is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the imminent arrival of a precious little one while surrounded by friends and family. By following these tips and infusing your personal touch into the event, you can create a memorable and meaningful celebration that will be cherished by all who attend.

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