Tips for Kid-Friendly Christmas Decorating {+ a Giveaway!}

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They say those that put up Christmas decorations earlier are happier people. We’d have to agree! The holidays make us giddy with excitement – especially in Northern Nevada. With the first snowfall this past week and Christmas lights glistening against the snow, who wouldn’t be excited about decorating?

When you have kids though, decorations can be a bit more difficult. Glass ornaments are not quite possible until they are a little bit older and tchotchkes can often be choking hazards. We’re sharing some tips on kid-friendly Christmas decorations so you can ensure the Christmas season is a breeze.

How to Decorate with Kids

Get in the holiday spirit

Break out those holiday sweaters, crank up the Christmas music, and enjoy some cookies and milk (or hot chocolate) while you start to decorate your house! We promise, it sets the mood!

The kids can choose a few songs, dancing will commence, and the sugar high will be filled with a long, LONG nap afterwards. We’d call that a win!

Keep your breakable decorations up high

Decorating the tree is always the biggest culprit – especially when it comes to ornaments that can easily shatter. We recommend keeping your breakable ornaments at the top of your tree. If there is an ornament that is sentimental, put it on display up high instead of on the tree to eliminate even more risk of it breaking.

If you have breakable decorations like nativity sets or crystal items, set them up high on a fireplace mantle or table where the kiddos can’t reach them.

Let the kids have their own tree

Have an adult tree and a kids tree. The kids can decorate their own mini tree and pull on it all they want. It teaches them about responsibility, but also gives them an outlet to get creative with their ornament and decor choices.

Invest in items that are easy to store

The worst part of decorating is worrying about how you’re going to store all of your decorations for the rest of the year. We love Pop-Up Village™ by Dimensional Paperworks. It’s a collection of holiday village houses, and other décor, designed to pop-up, illuminate and fold flat for easy storage.

Seriously, why didn’t we think of these? They are made of high quality card stock and when you want to store them, they take up almost no space! We’re obsessed with the Christmas Village Set. It is so simple and cute and you can easily add little people or items to it from the craft store that are also easy to store.

We also love the fact that Dimensional Paperworks has pop-up decorations for holidays year round and we know they are pieces that will last for years to come.

Swap out the hooks

Those pesky metal hooks can be a nightmare, especially when it comes to littles ones. They are a choking hazard, so do yourself a favor and swap them out for ribbon.

If you’re looking to get creative, let your little pick out the ribbon they like and precut the length so they can tie it in a knot through their ornament.

Candles can be deadly

During the winter seasons, the number of house fires increase – so be sure to watch those candles! Keep your candles up high and out of reach.

In addition to candles, fireplaces should be used with caution as well. It only takes a second for your little one to make their way near it, so be sure you have a cover that can’t be moved. Or wait until your kids are sleeping before enjoying the fire yourself.

Shatterproof ornaments are your friend

Whoever invented shatterproof ornaments, THANK YOU! Decorating the tree is so much easier with these and if the kids decide to pull one off or knock over the tree, there are no worries.

You can find them at almost any store, plus, Amazon sells them!

When it’s time to decorate, incorporate a craft

As mentioned above, the Pop-Up Village™ is an amazing decoration that the kids can easily put together and add additional items to. Help them make their own snow to enjoy or make your own christmas trees to add to the village!

By incorporating a craft, the kids won’t get bored after they’ve begged you to decorate and they will have fun getting into the holiday spirit.

Decorating your home for Christmas doesn’t have to be daunting. Let the kids help and give them some responsibility.

The holidays are all about giving and sometimes it’s worth it to see the smiles on our babies faces (and ours) when the decorations are all up. So enjoy them all season long!

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