Where are we headed next year? – The importance of Girls’ Trips

For the majority of the year, my time is spent fulfilling the needs of those around me. From mom of three to fire wife, there is never a shortage of picking up, dropping off, laundry, cooking, homework, sports, art projects, volunteering. It literally never ends. Which is why I have come to appreciate and understand the importance of girls’ trips in my life. 

Oh how times have changed

Girls trips now, compared to trips in the prime of my twenties have changed drastically. As I am writing this it’s almost midnight and the Netflix movie Wine Country is playing and I’m giggling at how many realistic moments there are in this movie. 

Back in college, my roommates and I took ceremonious yearly girls’ trips. We would stuff ourselves into cars or book the cheapest flights to get to our destination with as much of our budget left as possible. This also meant we were typically 4-6 people PAST capacity on whatever room we had booked. 

Our preparations for the night began around 11pm, which is when we would START to get ready. We danced until the sun came up in heels that make my feet hurting just thinking about them, adorned in clothing and accessories from Forever 21 or Wet Seal. And we all know those $12 outfits didn’t typically make it past the weekend as they cost about 7 cents to make. Then we would sleep in until noon, go to the pool, and binge the hangover away via Pedialyte and McDonald’s. Please tell me there are others who put themselves through this in college? 

Flash Forward to Today

Today, the thought of getting ready and departing any later than 8pm is quite literally nauseating. By 11, my Uber is on it’s way home, not headed towards a bar. I’ve traded heels for flats, skirts for stretchy high rise jeans, and McDonald’s for Advil and my weight in water. 

I can afford to stay in places that don’t put my safety in jeopardy, and I sure as heck take full advantage of room service as opposed to walking the Vegas strip barefoot to get to Denny’s. The setting and the activities may be different now, but nothing about my love for girls’ trips has changed. 

It’s not the place or the duration, it’s the people

Now, when I say “girls’ trips”, it’s basically an all-encompassing description of any time spent away with friends you love. The time that brings joy to your soul and leaves you feeling like you are re-energized for the journey back into 24-7 of work or momhood…or for many, both. 

My trips to relaxing places are on the same level of joy as my two hour strolls around Target with my oldest and dearest friends. Or my hour long walks with my dearest friend around the neighborhood after dropping the kids off at the bus stop. Thank goodness for double strollers and arch supports. Mama has to be comfy now when venturing out. Trips may not happen as frequently as I would like, but the laughter, inside jokes, and complete carelessness for what people think about us fuels me for months to come. 

The rainbow of besties

If you were to line up all of my closest friends, you would find that there are very few similar personalities. In fact, it would look like I had a bipolar episode when I decided to bring them into my life. No two groups are alike but each of them feeds a different part of my soul. There are the lifelong high school friends whose families blend seamlessly with my own.

The girls who have literally walked with me through fire. There’s the coworker squad that creates bouts of laughter so intense that my stomach hurts for days. My business partners turned besties who came at a time in my life when I needed them the most, I just didn’t know it. The new friends I met later in life but who feel like old souls that have been with me since day one. All of them special, unique, a yin to the multifaceted yang of my personality. 

Can I get some tacos, please?

My “Arizona squad” as I like to call them, is a group of girls I met by fate, and each year we meet up to embark on 3-4 days of pure kid-free bliss. The first time I ventured to Arizona to see them, they met me at the airport with a fathead of myself and a sign saying “Have you seen our friend? Last seen drinking champagne and eating tacos.” If you don’t have friends in your life like this, you need to find some. We shop, we eat, we drink, we laugh, and then we go to bed early. And it is epic and amazing. 

As our time together comes to a close, we all decided that the only way to prevent going into a post girl trip depression is to plan the next year’s trip. 

Make the time count

Next time you’re out with your lovies, tell them how much they mean to you. Even if your girls’ trip consists of sitting in a blowup pool sipping on boxed wine, talking about how big of an a-hole your kid has been, soak in the moment and plan them as often as possible. We’re all just trying to survive here ladies and girls’ trips make the road a little bit easier to travel. 

So book that class where you paint wood and make signs for your house, jump in on a wine crawl, blow up that crappy Target pool and pop some champagne and enjoy the moment. And if there are any 20-year-olds who are reading this…enjoy those spanx free outfits and stilettos. 

Your time for mom jeans as a necessity and not a fashion trend is coming ladies. So soak it all in while you can. 

Megan Rix Northern Nevada Moms
Megan Rix

Megan Rix is a former at-risk high school English teacher turned stay at home mama, lifestyle blogger, and entrepreneur. After leaving the classroom to focus on being a mama, she needed a place to document the life of her very strong-willed child and what she realized along the way were all the things in her life that “anchored” her. A love for food, beauty, family, and giving back to others helped shape the blog as it looks today.