Who’s Bringing the Wine? – How about a Moms’ Night In


Oh for the love, moms are busy. It’s like if you were to take our schedule…the soccer practices, the Boy Scouts, the PTO meetings, classroom volunteering, grocery runs…and completely CLEAR it, I think many of us might go catatonic. 

It’s almost like when you list all of the mom responsibilities, there’s also this giant neon sign hanging over your head that’s flashing “busy” 24 hours a day. Getting OUT with our friends is hard enough, but what about toying with the idea of staying IN. Here are my top moms’ night in ideas.

Are we getting fancy?

Ok, first things first. We don’t need glitz and glamour! As much as I miss those spandexy dress nights out, I just don’t really have the energy anymore. But offer me a low key function where I don’t have to use my brain much, and I’m in. 

A few months ago, my bestie Jeena and I decided that we desperately needed a chill night with some super cool ladies. So we put up some folding tables under the twinkle lights in my backyard, threw on a few tablecloths, used dollar tree votives, and repurposed my dining room chairs for a cute little place to sit and chat. 

We invited some moms we knew and low and behold SIXTEEN moms showed up! I didn’t realize how many of the women in our life needed a few hours to themselves. But you don’t need tablecloths or twinkle lights, just choose from one of the ideas below for a great mom’s night in. 

Host a sheet mask party

What’s a sheet mask you may wonder? It’s a glorious thin piece of material with luxurious serums that you lay on your face, forcing you to relax for 15-20 minutes. 

The upside? Most masks are super affordable and come in a wide array of choices. Sensitive skin, brightening, cooling, calming…you name it, there’s a sheet mask for it. They’re disposable, so as soon as you peel those suckers off, you toss them in the trash and you’re left with glowing skin! 

The downside? Really the only downside to these wondrous creations is that once applied, you 100% look like Hannibal Lecter. Like, legitimately terrifying. But when you and your gal pals all have them on together, you’re like one perfect little Hannibal support squad. 

If you’re in the Reno area and you like this idea for a moms’ night in, be sure to check out the cutest little sheet mask boutique you ever did see, Prude and Boujee, run by our very own NNM contributor Vania!

Game nights never fail

Sitting in a room with a bunch of other moms, secretly plotting which grotesque card you will throw down in Cards Against Humanity is certainly going to generate some much needed laughter. 

Dust off the dominoes, bust out the Scattergories, throw some chips and salsa on the table and laugh. A lot. Oh and somewhere, someone you know is desperately wishing they would be invited to your coveted BUNCO group, so go out on a limb and mix your group up. 

Invite the mom who hovers over her child at AM drop off like she’s sending him off to an arranged marriage. Reach out to the over caffeinated Lululemon junkie. Strike up a convo with the PTO mom that desperately needs a break from candy grams.

And if it crashes and burns, then you go back to your regularly scheduled BUNCO group. It never hurt anyone to try and include those often not included. 

Host a skills night

Look, someone in your group of friends has a talent. A hidden little gem of a skill that you wouldn’t mind learning. Whether it’s a knack for floral arrangements, makeup, cooking, or scrapbooking, invite some ladies over for a themed night in which they’ll walk away with a semblance of that skill in their arsenal. 

You’ll get more leverage in attendance if you offer to let them take something home, like a casserole. That way they don’t have to stress about feeding their minions when they get home. 

My only advice would be to pick something that doesn’t make people cringe. Like hosting a budget night. Because girl, I would avoid your house like the plague on that one sister. 

Movie Night

When was the last time most moms sat down on a comfy couch and watched a movie, in full, without any interruptions? No kids screaming, no potty breaks, no marching your toddler back up the stairs for the 75th time because they were thirsty, or needed a toy, or wanted to check the weather. 

Yeah, the last time was probably their first date with their significant other. Tell the girls to come in pj’s and throw a bunch of pillows and blankets on the floor. A little tip, you don’t have to actually buy a movie ticket to get movie popcorn. 

You just strut in there, buy an overpriced bin of that buttery deliciousness and let those moms go wild. Find an oldie but a goodie to enjoy together like Father of the Bride, Pretty Woman, or Bridesmaids. Or, if your girl gang watches the same show, host a Bachelor premiere night or a Handmaid’s Tale finale sesh. Again, it doesn’t have to be complicated. 

I promise you, no one in your group is judging the size of your flat screen or the quality of that soundbar your husband surprised you with. 

If all else fails, put out some booze and hope for the best

Like I said earlier, you don’t need a lot to impress moms. If you give them a place to gather, allow them to wear whatever stretchy article of clothing fits that day, and pop a few bottles of wine or champagne, they will come. Possibly in herds so be prepared. 

Try these ideas for a moms’ night in and let us know how it went! 

Megan Rix Northern Nevada Moms
Megan Rix

Megan Rix is a former at-risk high school English teacher turned stay at home mama, lifestyle blogger, and entrepreneur. After leaving the classroom to focus on being a mama, she needed a place to document the life of her very strong-willed child and what she realized along the way were all the things in her life that “anchored” her. A love for food, beauty, family, and giving back to others helped shape the blog as it looks today.