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World of Illumination Rockin’ Christmas Drive-Through Light Show, A Local’s Review

Thank you to World of Illumination for hosting us. As always all opinions are honest and our own. Read our disclosure.

World of Illumination is a drive-through light show where you can enjoy lights perfectly synchronized to holiday music that you’ll hear right through your radio.

This is their first year in Henderson, debuting at The M Resort.

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World of Illumination Rockin’ Christmas

Rockin’ Christmas illuminates the Las Vegas holiday season with a symphony of sight and sound that envelops families in the holiday spirit as they discover that the brightest light shines from within. Produced by World of Illumination, Rockin’ Christmas is a premier drive-through audio-visual immersive experience using state-of-the-art technology and whimsical, joy-filled designs.

With more than one million colorful lights and hundreds of animated displays, Rockin’ Christmas is the world’s largest drive-through holiday light experience, sure to outfit the winter season with family memories.

world of illumination


M Resort Spa Casino, 12300 Las Vegas Blvd. S., Henderson, NV 89044


Nov. 17 – Dec. 31, 2023

You can visit World of Illumination Rockin’ Christmas Tuesday through Sunday from 6-10pm. When you go to purchase your tickets, you’ll select a time slot you would like to visit during, so there is minimal waiting to get in.

Open rain or shine.

Cost / Tickets

Starting at $39.99/car (15% off w/code: WOI2023)

Purchase your tickets online and in advance. You can get 15% off your ticket purchase with code WOI2023 – good for weekday tickets from November 17 – December 14, 2023. You can enjoy a discount at any location you purchase tickets for. Be sure to complete the following steps for the code to apply:

  1. Click here to “Buy Tickets”.
  2. Select a date
  3. Select a time slot
  4. Select the number of cars you need passes for.
  5. Enter code WOI2023
  6. Checkout

Tickets can only be purchase in advance online. You can redeem vouchers online as well to book your time. We recently were at Costco where tickets are only $34.99/car which is the best deal if you have a membership!

world of illumination

Our Experience

My little guy is 11 mths and absolutely LOVED all of the lights and music. You tune to 87.9 to hear the synchronized music.

I will note that the music initially was pretty static-y until we were a row or two in. But the song selection was great. We loved the music and are a very musical family.

There are no concessions on site, so we swung through a drive-through beforehand to grab hot chocolate.

I also note this below, but there is no where to easily pull off to put your kiddos back in their carseats like you can at Glittering Lights, so if you plan on doing so, I recommend going earlier in the holiday season to avoid crowds.

I don’t think I would pay full price, however, I would get a group together to fill the truck and even the bed of the truck if we got the Costco voucher for $34.99. I think it was much better than last year’s drive-through light show though (which had a chuck of lights not working and the songs weren’t great) and I do think the music is better than Glittering Lights, but it is very short.

Tips For Your Visit


This show is only 10-12 minutes long which is much shorter than Glittering Lights Drive-Thru Light Show (25-40 minutes). This is something to keep in mind especially if you are coming from the other side of town.

I do not feel it is worth the drive if you are more than 20 minutes away because it is so short.

Bring Your Own Hot Chocolate / Snacks

There are no concessions available. We recommend bringing your own hot chocolate and/or snacks.

No Need To Arrive Early

Since your time slot is selected when you purchase tickets, just come at that time. They’ll scan your ticket and you’ll be good to go right in.

No Restrooms On-Site

The show is only 10-12 minutes long, but there are no restrooms to get out and use.

Bringing Little Kids

We took our 11 mth old out of his car seat so he could enjoy the show. You are only going 2-5mph, just FYI. He absolutely loved it, but I would make a note that if it is a busy night, once you exit there is no where to easily pull over to strap them back into their carseat.

When we went there was no one else, so it was fine to stop, however, I expect that as the holiday season progresses it will be much more difficult to do so.

Bring Your Own Light-Up Necklaces, Sticks, Etc.

Bring your own light-up necklaces from Dollar Tree if you’d like! We’d recommend bringing your own or skipping it altogether.

world of illumination

Windows Down, Dress a little Warm

We thought the view and experience at World of Illumination Rockin’ Christmas was much better with the windows down. With that in mind it might get a little chilly, so just bring a light jacket if you get cold easily.

World Of Illumination Thoughts

Overall World of Illumination was a fun experience and we loved all of the light tunnels. We’d recommend it if you are near that area as we don’t feel it’s worth the drive if you are further away.

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